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​What type of batteries are used?

  • (2) - AA batteries - Wired system


How long does a set of batteries last?

  • Wired - Depending on the type of battery being used and operating and storage temperature. Typically on a normal set of batteries you should be able to get approx 100 full charge flashes. 

  • Wireless - On the sensor/transmitter the batteries are only used during impact so a set of batteries should last well over 100 impacts on target.


Where do I mount the sensor unit?

  • In testing and trial of several different options we have determined that the best way to mount the sensor unit is using the supplied bracket utilizing one of the two mounting hole options on the bracket by either using the mounting hardware that is being used to hang the target or using the smaller hole with a self tapping screw. Ensuring the sensor unit is against the back of the steel target. For an example see it here in PHOTOS. All of the brackets come wiht a 1/2" hole in the bracket for mounting along with a smaller hole if you wish to drill, tap and screw the sensor to a plate. 


Where do I place the flash unit?

  • We found that the best placement of the flash would be back, behind, and away from the target @ approx a 45* angle prevented damage from bullet fragmentation. 


​How do I protect the connecting cable?

  • This was a tough one to accomplish at first.  With the setup we had we finally figured out that if you zip tie the cable to the sensor unit (PHOTOS) and then lead the cable away at approx 45* angle away from the target we elleviated the problem of almost all bullet fragmentation. Another option we used was taking a metal pipe of some sort and zip tieing it to the chains or rubber strap we used to hang the steel target from putting the cable inside. 


How sensitive is the sensor unit?

  • We have been able to consistently set off the flash unit using standard velocity .22 ammo in a rifle @ 100 yards. 



Is the unit WaterProof?

  • Waterproof? - NO

  • Water resistant - Yes but remember it's a piece of electronic equipment don't take it out in a rain storm or a hurricane. The system has been tested in mild rain during shooting and has worked flawlessly.


Can I hook up multiple systems?

  • WIRED - Yes we use a splitter that allows the individual to either attach multiple Flash Units to (1) Sensor Unit or also have the ability to attach (1) Flash Unit to multiple Sensor Units on seperate targets. Look for the splitter in the PRODUCTS.

  • WIRELESS -  We can program multiple sensor/transmitters to work with one receiver on the flash. If you would like this option you can purchase a seperate sensor in the PRODUCTS and then choose a sepearte channel for the options of that sensor. 


Do you have replacement parts for sale?

  • Yes we have all the replacement parts for the units that we sell available for individual purchase in the PRODUCTS.


What happens if my unit is not working?

  • Easiest answer is to contact us and we can discuss options. If the unit is new and bought within the last 30 days and the product is not working due to means other than damage we will replace the part after an inspection of the unit.





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