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  • Super Premium Maintenance Free Duracell Ultra Performance.
  • Duracell Ultra proprietary technology offers high-density power for higher reliability, longer life and top performance.
  • 12 Volt with 8 Amps of capacity. F1, T1, Faston .187 terminal(also compatible with F2 .25 applications)
  • Weight: 5.37 lbs, Length: 5.94 in, Width: 2.56 in, Height: 3.94 in., SLA12-8F2
  • Applications: Home Alarm Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), Lighting Equipment, General Electronics, Home Security Systems, Emergency Systems, Medical Devices, Electric Scooters, Wheelchairs

Duracell Ultra 12v 8 Amp Rechargeable SLA Battery

  • $39.99 Plus shipping and handling